About us

PalaCinema Locarno SA is the hub of the audiovisual and the audiovisual arts in Ticino.
The resident institutions are: the Locarno Film Festival; CISA – one of the five film training institutes in Switzerland; the Ticino Film Commission; SUPSI with the cultural mediation and education robotics laboratory; and the Locarno antenna of RSI.
It includes three movie theaters with a total of 714 seats managed by Enjoy Arena SA, and also offers the Movie bar-restaurant.
The PalaCinema Locarno SA was inaugurated in 2017 and underscores Locarno's commitment and vocation for the audiovisual, a legacy that began in Locarno since 1946 with the birth of the film festival, which made Locarno the world capital of auteur cinema.
The building is an iconic work of contemporary architecture designed by architects Alejandro Zaera-Polo and Maider Llaguno-Munitxa of the London- and New York-based firm AZPLM.
Its resident institutions, as well as the PalaCinema Locarno SA itself generate important synergies locally, nationally and internationally and look to the future with their internationally renowned content and the education they offer to students in the area.
Together, the institutions network their expertise for the further development of the audiovisual in Ticino and abroad and represent a point of reference for the film and audiovisual arts industry.

Governing Board

Avv. Dr. Carla Speziali, President
Ing. Alain Scherrer, Vice President
Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Thomas Geiser
Dr. Nancy Lunghi
Dr. Theo Mäusli
Prof. Michele Mainardi
Tiziana Zaninelli


Elena DelCarlo, M.A., Director
Erika Roth, Administration

Legal Status

PalaCinema Locarno is a LTD, with the City of Locarno as the sole shareholder.